Upgrade RAM to Experience Lightning Speed on Your Mac

Has the performance of your mac come down recently? It is unavoidable because all computers wear down with time. There are several applications that get added to your mac over months of use which can cause a strain on the system resources. Regular use of mac also accumulates many system files that are not needed after a while. Your mac will begin to perform slowly as more applications get added. The number of applications that are active outnumbers the resources available on your mac. One way you can improve performance is by adding extra resources so that your mac can take the load. Here’s a detailed post on how to upgrade RAM on your Mac.

The availability of RAM is vital to execute requests from various applications in your mac. In the absence of free RAM, the requests are put on hold which delays the response time. Mac processor will look for free disk space that can be used as virtual memory to store temporary files. You will be able to check the availability of RAM, virtual memory and disk space from the Activity Monitor available under utilities in the Application folder. Under system storage you will able to find details pertaining to virtual memory. If you find that there is hardly any free space available for computation then, you should consider closing applications that are idle. Open applications also take up system resources as they are running in the background. Many mac users have the habit of leaving application open even though they are not currently using them. Such applications might lock system resources.

Use Mac cleaning tools to remove unnecessary files from your hard disk so that you can free up space that can be used as virtual memory when required by the processor. CleanMyMac is a cleaning tool that provides uninstaller feature to manage applications. Once you identify apps that are hogging resources from the Activity Monitor, you can uninstall such apps by using the cleaning utility.


Even after removing apps and creating space in your disk, if you still feel that your mac is slow then, you should upgrade your RAM. It could be possible that your RAM is low for the computations that you perform on your mac. If you have applications that are bloated and require more memory to load then, expanding your RAM memory is the best way to tackle the problem. You can easily fix an additional RAM to an empty slot on your mac. It will take you no longer than ten minutes to unscrew and open your mac to fix the RAM in its slot. With additional RAM, your applications will load faster and you can experience amazing speeds similar to that of a new mac.

A somewhat similar upgrade to a RAM upgrade is an SSD for MacBook Pro upgrade. Like RAM, SSD also use flash memory that is much faster than conventional HDD or SATA drives.